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Other companies give you research. At MEG, we give you a road map – to your organization’s growth and success.

Since 1977, MEG’s in-depth research has been uncovering what customers and stakeholders really think. How they feel. Most importantly, what you need to do right now to get their business.

At MEG, we don’t just conduct surveys. We create “critical conversations” with your most important prospects. Using a powerful, proven research and analysis model that’s helped hundreds of companies solve problems, take advantage of opportunities – and increase their bottom line.

Some of the Industries We Serve

Real Estate Research

Real Estate

A confounding, complex housing market. Increasingly-savvy consumers who demand instant information. Threats to limit the mortgage interest deduction. For today’s real estate professional, staying ahead of the curve isn’t optional – it’s survival. Since 1977, we’ve given a competitive edge to many of the nation’s largest REALTOR® groups.

Communications & PR Research


Your job as a Communications and PR professional is tougher than ever. With a constantly-changing business environment. News and information now travels at breakneck speed. Which makes getting clear, accurate data more critical than ever. We drown out the noise – and drill down to the marketplace trends and changes you need.

Economic & Government Research

Economic Development

Competition between states isn't just heated – it resembles hand-to-hand combat as states duke it out for high quality jobs and employers. See how MEG’s strategic insights spurred an eight-county region in Florida to create nearly two thousand high-paying jobs – in less than three months.

Agricultural Research


Once a world powerhouse, U.S. agriculture is reeling from the age of globalization. For over 30 years, groups like the Dairy Council of California, Sunkist and the Western Growers Association have relied on MEG Research to keep pace with rapidly-changing, dynamic markets.

Energy & Transportation Research

Energy & Transportation

New technologies. New players. And a new balance of power between providers. MEG’s strategic research has helped HP, AT&T, British Airways and many other key companies in this volatile sector.

Some of our Customers

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